There is a tradition of igniting clay lamps as the meaning of Diwali itself is an array of burning lights in Sanskrit. Indians started igniting candles later on and now they use electric lights and bulbs for this purpose. When candles and lamps are lit in such a great number at one time then these can cause some sort of damage to the environment.

Mughals first began using firecrackers in India but these were invented in China because of an accident with bamboo. It has often been observed that humans like to follow others, particularly lower sections of the society like to follow the upper class. Thus, they all started bursting crackers which has become tradition on special occasions like Diwali. Moreover, it is believed in Hindu religion that fire is one of the five elements of the universe and it is a blessing of god so there should be presence of all five crucial constitutions of earth in every ceremony of Hindus.

Troubles of firebombs

Air, water and soil is contaminated when all people of this highly populated country burst crackers at a time because almost every citizen of India enjoys using bursts. This has been a cause for a huge lot of pollution in past and recent years and one major problem is global warming. In some densely populated cities, smog causes accidents which is the outcome of using too many firecrackers. Breathing problems and other health hazards like asthma, heart diseases are faced by individuals due to dirty air. Animals are frightened by the enormous noise of burning crackers and this loud sound can damage our ears as it can make someone deaf. Water bodies also suffer diseases owing to the contamination of water by the extra trash of these bursts and chemicals used in these.

This needs to be reduced as people can face many difficulties in near future. There are a number of substitutes available in the market these days which can be used instead of burning illuminations and candles or lamps.

Move Towards Green Crackers

It is the duty of parents to guide their offspring to the right path. They should explain to their children how crackers can be harmful for the surroundings. Actions speak louder than words so they should set an example in front of their kids by not flaming crackers because children mostly follow their parents. If any child still insists on bursting crackers after seeing his or her friends then green crackers can be bought for him. These crackers are said to cause less pollution than others, however there is no certain evidence of these. Hence, they can purchase small quantities of green crackers for the joy of their kids.

Take a Step to Ban the Fireworks Displays at Religious Places

Yes, of course useless showcases of illuminations must be either reduced or stopped during occasions like Diwali. It has been seen at many auspicious places like gurdwaras and temples, bursting of rockets is displayed by believers. There is no proof of bursting of crackers by Sikh gurus and Hindu lords. They celebrate Diwali at these pious locations because of their godly faith. However, no Sikh guru or Hindu lord has mentioned anywhere in holy books or told his devotees to display fireworks. They gave the message to the believers to not to show off their wealth instead insisted on worshiping god in a peaceful way.

They also lit candles and diyas on the floors of gurdwaras and temples and the wax of these candles stick to the ground consequently make the place dirty. Clothes can catch fire if the diyas or candles are ignited at places where there is a great crowed as usually during these festivals religious places can be overcrowded.

They can spend money on feeding poor people or stray animals by not wasting on these things. Having less money, impoverished people cannot enjoy festivals. One can get blessings from these impoverished people by helping them. They can feel more positive by doing good deeds.

Move Towards Electric Lamps & Candles Over Conventional Ones

Due to advancement in technology, umpteen electronic items are present in the market for sale to be used on Diwali in the place of old things. Electric lamps, electric lamp stands, electric lanterns, LED lights are examples of these. These are user-friendly, eco-friendly and also use less energy. People can give and receive gifts in the form of electric things as gifts can be according to the latest fashion and these items are in fashion these days.

One can buy them from the market but due to the spread of diseases like corona virus (COVID – 19), it would be good to order online and get Diwali gifts delivery in Chennai.

In the end, it can be said that people must perform the rituals of Diwali like the flaming of earthen lamps but it should not be in excess. They should spend money on useful things like they can invest money on their favorite jewelry, clothes, shoes, etc.