Whether you are a travel photographer or a travel blogger, clicking pictures of alluring destinations is not as simple as following a rule book. The basic laws of photography work here as well, but a travel photographer has to find their path and destination.

To be the best and to click pictures that speak to people and encourage them to pack their bags and travel, you have to have a vision for clicking amazing pictures, sometimes with no resources. A travel photographer has to be quick on their feet, doing well with things that he has access to.

Also, one thing that they can always rely on is tools. They can use various online tools for editing and making their pictures more engaging. In this blog, we will talk about natural tips and online editing tips that will help you click and create the best travel images for your blog, portfolio, or for personal use.

Tips for clicking the best pictures

1. Do a recce

Most of the time, you always plan your travel shoot. Thus, whenever you are going to a destination, whether it is local or international, do your research. You must scout for the best locations before you reach the destination. Use blogs or Google maps to find the best place and angle to shoot your pictures at.

2. Change your perspective

Since you did research, you know from which angle you want the picture and more. But when you reach the location, try different angles, frame, and shot. It is better than regretting not taking different shots later.

When you have a shot of a single place in different angles or frames, it gives you more to work with.

3. Think print quality

Sure, the world is going digital, and most of us are happy with digital images. But there are still a few people who like having print images. Or some people might want to print and frame one of the pictures (that could be you also). So, always take the picture in the best quality so that when someone goes to print it, it doesn’t pixelate.

 4. Learn from your mistakes

Knowing the rules of clicking pictures is different from using it practically. That will happen only after you make a mistake and learn from it. So, don’t be afraid to make a mistake, but never repeat it, and learn from it.

Tips for editing pictures

1. Use a cropping tool

A lot of times, it happens that we take a long shot or so, and it doesn’t come out as we expected. Some parts of the image have a dark area of blurred areas, but the rest of the image looks fine. It is not a great idea to discard such an image, just because of a small mistake.

Thus, it is best to use the crop tool that a lot of tools like Canva or PixLr offers. You can crop the image without destroying the original photo’s quality.

2. Photo vignetting

Vignetting an image is a process in which you make a part of the image lighter or darker. This process takes place because you want to highlight the subject more. Using the best editing tools like Canva, this process becomes quite simple.

3. Work on the contrast of the image

Contrasting an image has tons of benefits. It makes the difference between lighter and darker parts of a picture more visible. This editing trick helps you provide a more visual impact on your travel photography.

4. Correcting the blemish

A blemish correction is quite an imperative trick that you need to learn for your travel photography. A lot of times you click a picture of a monument, and no matter how much you try, there is a person or thing that you didn’t want in the picture. Now, with the blemish feature that tools like Canva have can correct these things.

A blemish correction feature works best on a small and distinct object. But it can work on every unwanted thing in a picture.

5. Level the photos

One of the most important rules of photography is level. When the horizon line in a picture is not leveled, it can make the photographs annoying and less appealing. But thank God for the editing tools which make it easy to level the photos with few clicks.

In some tools, there is a level tool, and in others, it is called the rotate tool, but both do the same thing of levelling the horizon line.

The best picture editing tools that you can use are:

  • Canva: Free for editing images, but if you want to access advanced features. You can also try Canva Pro FREE for 30 days. Best for both beginners and experts.
  • Adobe premier: It is best for experts who want to work with advanced features with the best quality.

Clicking pictures is an art, and you can learn this art if you have the passion for it. If you are looking to be a travel photographer and wander the world, keep learning new tricks and make sure you find your unique signature.