Nutrition is like a root that impacts your health and improves the quality of life. As saying goes “Health is Wealth”. You cannot do anything if your health is not good no matter how rich you are. Apart from Nutrition, physical exercise is also imperative, and its part and parcel of life. Nutrition doesn’t mean that just eating healthy food but it should be balanced nutrition where you need to include Carbohydrate, Protein and fat. These kinds of macro-nutrients will provide all the essential nutrients such as Minerals, Vitamins, Protein, Healthy fat, Antioxidants. So ensure that you will get all these nutrients in your diet.

Counting calories is very important when you are calculating how much nutrients are required for each individual. It also helps to discover a person’s eating capacity. The calories are a unit of energy which get from foods and beverage that we consume and utilized in the body. The calories come from Macro-nutrients called carbohydrate, Protein and Fat wheras Micro-nutrients from Vitamins and Minerals. The calories that your body burns or expands in the day is known as calories expenditure and it can include three different types:

  1. Resting metabolism: This is the basic energy level that your body required to sustain life.
  2. Thermal energy: The energy that your body utilized for digestion, absorbing and metabolism.
  3. Energy expenditure: Amount of calories or energy that your body expand for the physical exercise or activities like Weight training or Cardio, Playing cricket, or any other game.

Calories Intake

The amount of calories intake, for each individual in a day, is dependent upon the following factors:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Resting metabolism
  • Physical exercise
  • Sex

Nutrition is indispensable when you do exercise or any kind of physical exercise like Walking, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Climbing, Playing cricket, Tennis, Shooting, etc. It helps to boost stamina, muscle gaining, increase body metabolism, and fat loss.

Especially nutrition is crucial for the athletes for conditioning performance, recovery, prevent fatigue, injury, muscle soreness. Therefore, it is very important to eat a well-balanced diet to avoid further complications.

As per the one of the best nutritionist in Mumbai, the calories expenditure for physical exercise is different from each other base on intensity, duration and type of exercise (Anaerobic or aerobic). You are burning a lot of calories when you do exercise and if you don’t consume enough calories, then you will not able to see the result of what you are looking for.

  ExerciseOverestimate calories burn %
  Treadmill  13%
  Stationary biking  7%
  Stair climbing  12%
  Elliptical  42%

When you don’t eat enough calories base on your requirement especially when you are doing exercise, it leads to fatigue, insulin sensitivity, muscle loss, poor immunity, slow recovery, muscle soreness, cramp, hair loss, skin problem, knee pain, decrease performance, lose focus which is not good for your health. You should always remember that are you doing exercise for being healthy or doing just sake of your passion.

There are various methods which help to determine calories intake for each person such as:

Thumb’s Rule

This kind of formula is used mostly for weight loss, fat loss, weight gain, and muscle gain and weight maintenance.

  • If you are living with a sedentary lifestyle, you should atleast take 20 calories per kg of your weight.
  • For a person living with moderate active lifestyle, they should plan to take 25 calories per kg of their weight.
  • For heavy active lifestyle, 30 calories per kg of body weight would be good to consume.

Katch’s Formula

This formula is mostly used for sports person.

BMR=370 + (21.6 X LBM)

Where BMR is basal metabolism and LBM is lean body mass which is also called as fat-free mass.

RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance)

This needs to be referred to all kinds of people especially kids, pregnant, lactating mother. It also mentioned daily requirement of key nutrients like Minerals and Vitamins ,which is required for digestion and overall health.

Due to technology, our lives become so easy that we can download calorie intake calculator to monitor the daily intake of calories.

Use a Calories Intake Calculator

While most of the health professionals or experts calculate the calorie intake of each food, though there are people who don’t know calories contents in each meal. Those people can use following apps to calculate the calorie intake:

  • MyFitnessPal (Most popular)
  • Lose It app
  • FatSecret
  • Cron-o-meter
  • SparkPeople

While you are working out or doing any kind of physical exercise, it is important to fuel yourself for your workout. Before eating something, hydrate yourself during and make sure to refill your proteins after a workout. This will make sure that your muscles don’t breakdown and you are losing your excess fat at all times.

Ensure that your protein sources such as Milk/ Curd / Buttermilk / Egg have to be consumed immediately post-workout to avoid muscle loss and also proteins are required for muscle recovery and soreness.


Hydration raises your body’s fluid level above the normal rate counteracts and reduces the negative effects of fluid loss during games and training. Players should take advantage of the breaks between play to hydrate and top up and glycogen stores. High carbohydrates, low-fat foods, and fluids are recommended however each player needs to practice during training so that they can establish what works best for them. Food is fuel and if you fuel your body correctly, it will keep you at the optimum level for playing.

Food intake needs to be well-timed to help with recovery between sessions. Intake may need to be adjusted to match the activity level of each day with extra snacks being included on heavier days.

Our body is made up of water with 60% and you must ensure that you drink adequate water & fluids throughout the day. It helps clear your body of all the toxins and keeps it up and running. Staying fully hydrated, while eating a healthy diet and getting enough rest will also keep you energetic.

Carry a bottle (1 liter) with you wherever you go and remember to fill this up at least 2 times and empty this before you sleep.


The body is like a mother or temple that you need to take care of it. Therefore, it is important to include physical exercise in your daily routine but ensure that you should consume enough calories. Thumb’s rule, RDA, and digital application methods will help you to monitor daily calorie intake. Don’t forget to include all kinds of nutrients that enrich your body and prevent further complications like Fatigue, injury, muscle soreness, knee pain, insulin sensitivity, etc.