India is considered to be one of the most affordable and beautiful countries in the world. There are numerous tourists across the globe who visit India every year. Traveling is considered to be expensive, which dents your wallet. However, if you have planned the trip well and applied budget traveling tips, you will have higher chances of saving more money. Saving money is art without compromising on the fun of the journey. You can go to places across the country and enjoy the local cuisines and culture at an affordable price. In this article, we have listed some tips to aid your traveling budget. We hope these travel tips will help you in planning your next trip. So, enjoy your upcoming trip by saving more money in the pocket.

1. Use Railways

Indian Railway Network is well connected, and you can reach almost any tourist place by train. There are hidden benefits to travel by train. It is one of the cheapest ways of traveling. You can travel for long-distance at a very reasonable price. For example, you can cover 5000 km in just Rs.3500. While booking a train ticket, you can also opt for a cheaper travel class. You can go for a general sleeper class, 3AC, 2AC, or 1AC. If you have no time-bound, then it is wise to opt for the train. Traveling by train is a beautiful experience in itself; you can look out of the window and admire the terrain, talk to fellow passengers, and enjoy the journey.   

2. Don’t Book Hotels in Advance.

If you are traveling to famous tourist destinations in the off-season, then there is no need to book a hotel room in advance. There are relatively high chances that you may end up paying more online. Later, you would be disappointed that your room’s cost could be less when you reach the destination. Many hotels are not visible online and yet are cheaper. It is advised that when you reach the destination, then check a few hotels and compare the price before you finalize one.

3. Backpackers Hostels

The low budget traveling would include looking for your accommodation in a backpacker’s hostel or dormitory. The well-known tourist destinations generally offer an affordable single bed lodging facility. This is a great and safe option for a solo traveler. The charges might also include breakfast so that you can save more. You can book your budget-friendly room through reliable online hotel booking sites like Abhi Bus. If you book the room now, you can avail hefty discounts using Abhi Bus Coupons. You can also book train tickets, flight tickets, accommodation, etc. through their website or app.

4. Avoid Peak Tourist Time

The golden travel hack for the budget trip is to figure out the perfect season to save more. The basic principle behind this is the higher the demand, and the more is the cost. At the peak tourist time, the prices of accommodation and food shoot up to the sky. Therefore, it is wise to travel in the off-season when you can bargain more and roam around in the less crowded area.

5. Go Local in Food

A significant amount is generally spent on meals and snacks. If you order food in hotels and fancy restaurants, then you will end up paying more. There are many local options where you can enjoy your meal at affordable prices. This is also an excellent opportunity to try the local cuisine and bond with local people. Therefore, next time you go to a tourist place, come out of your hotel and walk in the neighborhood to taste the unheard local dishes. However, it would help if you made sure that the place is hygienic to get food.

6. Carry your Bottle

Throughout your trip, you need to keep yourself hydrated and energized. It is advised to carry your bottle wherever you go. You will get a packaged bottle in most places, but it is not wise to purchase it every time you are out. If you carry a water bottle, you can refill it anywhere you find a hygienic source of water. It will help you save some money daily.

7. Go Vegetarian

India is the country where you will find a wide variety of vegetables wherever you go. You can opt for vegetarian food to save extra money as it is readily available and not pricey. In many places, non-vegetarian food is a luxury that is not in the culture. If you plan for the trip to Rajasthan, you will get a fantastic range of vegetarian food. So, choose vegetarian food wherever you can. 

8. Use Local Transportation

In an unknown place, local traveling becomes a problem. There are taxis and cabs available in tourist places, but they are too pricey. Therefore, we recommend you to use local transportation to save extra money. You can get a local ride in the bus or auto to travel around the town. It also gives you a way to escape from a costly travel payment. Waking to a nearby destination could be another great option.

9. Don’t Hesitate to Bargain.

In every tourist place, you will find shopping corners. The locals sell the region’s unique products and generally charge more from the tourists. So, you have to be a smart buyer and pay a reasonable price for the product. Do not hesitate to bargain while shopping and be wise enough not to get cheated.


India is one of the most popular holiday destinations as it has ideal vacation places for all kinds of people, a backpacker, or a business class traveler. You can get accommodation, travel options, or food at all price ranges. If you are a budget centric traveler, you can easily save a few bucks using above simple but essential travel tips that would come handy and useful, if you travel to India.