Monsoon is not-troublesome for many, yet also for your cars too. Their vehicles are somewhat more delicate amid downpours than expected. As a responsible owner, you have to take extra measures to guarantee your vehicle’s life span and performance. Before opting for Car Wash, pursue these tips to keep your car in ideal condition this monsoon:

Check The Tires Carefully

If the sections on your tires are not sufficiently profound, it will neglect to save your vehicle from aquaplaning, causing perilous accidents. You can utilize a tire tread depth gauge to find whether it’s a great opportunity to replace your tires.

Use Water Repellent For Windscreen

A clear windscreen with lack of watermarks is important for finest visibility. Utilizing water repellent products such as Rain-X can be very helpful as they make the raindrops roll off the glass, instead of spreading it across. Additionally,ensure you clean your windshield as well as wipers often remove any collected debris.

Check Your Car’s Brakes

Make sure that your brakes are well-oiled.Faulty brakes are a risk you do not need to take. Take good care of your brakes, particularly if they come in contact with water. If you find there is a reduction in stopping power, get it repaired in a service center as soon as possible.

Tighten The Belts

The accessory belts send power from the engine to the air-conditioner, power steering systems, and alternator. If they are loose or worn out, that results in a lot of noise.

Check Its Battery

Usually, a car battery can work for up to 5 years, yet monsoon can reduce its durability to 2–3 years. Humid conditions can lead to terminal corrosion as well as minor electrical grounds, causing the battery to drain early. If there are indications of battery bloating or drainage, its time to replace it with the new battery.

Check For Leaks

Make sure that the rubber seals around hook, window, trunk, and doors should not be loose. Clean out collected debris around such seals and repair any leaks that you may find.

Use Body Coating

Secure your car’s paint from peeling off or fading by obtaining a wax coat done on the body.

Look Out For Your Car’s Engine

If you are stuck in water, avoid turning on your engine particularly if it goes to your tailpipe. It can breakdown the system and result in engine failure.

Stop Rust & Corrosion

The car’s metal frame saves the internal machine from moisture. Try an anti-corrosion treatment that will secure the underbody from corrosion and rust.

Check Out The Lights

Heavy rain can lead to hinder visibility. It is good of you as the car washing person to clean the glass appropriately and make sure that the lights are working appropriately.


Although, people can do wash their car by themselves but it is advisable that you look for a professional Car Wash service so that your car gets better cleaning routinely. Like every person require a regular bath, the same case is with your car. So, take better care of your car’s health. It’s important!