Everyone has their own set of ways to manage their household. For some people, however, cleaning is something they take very seriously—and that includes every inch of your house’s floor. As you all know, one of the dirtiest places in your house is just below your feet. Your floor. It may not seem like it because after a sweep and a mop, it looks spik and span. However, if you don’t clean it properly, bacteria and other germs can stick to it. These microscopic organisms can easily latch on to your feet or your hands when you touch something on the floor.

To prevent this from happening, here are a few tips on how you need to properly have the right set of floor tiles maintenance at home.

ALWAYS Sweep before you Mop

Mopping while the floor is still littered with light debris such as dust and dirt will end up poorly. It will simply smear the dirtiness all over the floor. You have to make sure that you must sweep the floor before you do anything else to it. That way, you get rid of the easier-to-remove garbage. In a way, this also makes mopping the floor more efficient.

Moping the floor is like sterilizing it. When you use a cleaner, you make sure that the bacteria on the floor are either mopped up or killed by the cleaner.

If you don’t sweep before you mop, the mop will absorb some of those dirt particles and will easily dilute the cleaner liquid used for mopping. Forcing you to make another batch.

Change Your Cleaner Fluid

This is related to the previous point. When mopping the floor, make sure to use just enough cleaner to the water mixture. Usually, when you’re mopping, the cleaning fluid will get dirty after a few minutes. When that happens, make sure to change it right away. Dirty water will not clean your floors. Rather, it will turn your floor into a breeding ground for bacteria, no matter what kind of flooring you might have.

Once your cleaning fluid turns visibly dirty, that’s the time you should change your cleaner.

Use that Vacuum Cleaner

Once or twice a week, use your vacuum cleaner to suck up any loose debris that may just be left around your home. This, with some sweeping and moping within the week and you will be sure to have a relatively clean and tight floor before any other cleaning is done!

It’s good to have this kind of foundation. By routinely cleaning up any debris or dirt on the floor, you lessen the risk of making it extremely dirty and infested with microbes!

Spot Treat

This will be where the majority of your hard labor will be put. For the majority of your home, simply sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the floor would suffice. However, some more specific spaces need more focus than others—and that means they won’t be cleaned with just a broom and a mop.

For example, the kitchen will be one of the places with the dirtiest floors, especially if you or anyone who cooks in your house is not that keen on their surroundings. Often, sauces will fall, drinks will be spilled, or worse, plates will be smashed.

That would mean so many things, both wet and solid might find their way to the floor and they all mean different things. First, sauces and drinks might lead to stains. Some can easily be removed with a cleaner, while others take a little bit more effort—especially the ones that are sticky. If you drop a plate or a glass though, two things can happen. One, the plate or the glass breaks. And it’s just them. Two, the plate and glass breaks along with the flooring—particularly if it were a floor tile.

For kitchens, you need to know both how to clean it properly and to prevent things from dropping. It’s the only way for the kitchen floor to get dirty anyway.

Another problem spot is usually the space just beyond the front door. If you don’t have a no-shoe policy inside your house, then it’s highly likely that the floor by your door is extremely dirty. Particularly, if you don’t have any floor mats outside. In this place, you would find the most dirt and debris because this would usually be where all of it will fall off after one of your family comes home.

A vacuum cleaner and some extra rough sweeping should do the trick. But it would be way easier for you to just prevent this from happening by having all the outdoor shoes just beyond the door and having a place where your family can scrub the dirt off their footwear outside.

Key Takeaway!

Cleaning your floor at home is more or less a consistent routine with a few large projects here and there. As necessary as it may be, however, it should be noted that it would be better for you and your home to have some preventive measures implemented to prevent even more dirt and debris from ever reaching your home. But, since cleaning will still be a regular thing for you to do, remember all our tips above so that your floor will be clean and shiny for years to come!