It is common knowledge that Salon towels don’t last long due to them being exposed to tons of other stuff. Salon towels last longer if you know how to take care of them. Basically cleaning them thoroughly will most probably help them last longer without sacrificing their absorbing quality and softness.

Not all towels are built the same way whether they are Cotton Terry Towels or Egyptian Cotton Towels and the salon towels are exposed to a lot of wax, you need unique ways for removal.

Unfortunately, the wax that is used in salons isn’t easy to clean off the towels.

In this guide, you will learn how to remove wax from the towels without damaging them. Without wasting any more time, let’s start.

Types of Salon Wax

In comparison to homemade wax for hair removal, salon waxes are resin-based and they are not soluble with water. This simply means the wax is stronger and more effective in removing hairs. Resin-based waxes are made from tree sap and they include additional ingredients. Sugar-based waxes on the other hand are more natural and less tough to remove from towels. 

Almost all the professional salons use the Resin-based wax as it is more effective than regular wax. The disadvantage of that however is that the wax can’t be washed away with water. Most of the time you need the help of oil to remove the resin-based wax from salon towels. 

Steps To Remove Wax From Terry Towels?

The most common towels used in salons are terry towels. Whether the towels are used for drying hairs or soaking up additional wax terry towels provide the most comfort and ease for both salon staff and customers. The biggest advantage of terry towels is their softness, which can be ruined by thick and dried wax.

So how do you save your terry towels from being ruined by salon wax? There are 5 main steps that you can follow. 

1. Freeze the Towels

The easiest and simplest way to get rid of the wax is by freezing the towels. It is easier to remove wax from salon towels once they are hardened. If the wax on your terry towels has already dried and is stiff, you won’t have to freeze towels. The freezing process is only viable if the wax is still liquid or soft, just put the towel in the freezer to harden the wax. If you can’t put the towels in the freezer then a bag of ice over the wax will give you the same result as placing your towel in a freezer. 

2. Scrape It

Once the wax on the salon towels is hard and you can start to scrape it right off the towel. Don’t use a metallic knife, use a butter knife or a thick plastic to gently scrape the wax off. If you used ice to harden the wax, the cold also makes the wax easy to break. That would make the wax easy to scrape off. Scraping won’t help you get every bit of wax off the towel but it will help in removing the larger chunks. 

3. Heat it

Once you’ve removed as much wax as possible from the towel by scraping, just turn up the heat to get the rest of the wax out. Ironing the towel may work well or you can use a hair dryer. Make sure the heat is not too much, you just have to make the wax soft not turn it back to liquid form again. 

Sandwich the towel between two paper towels or any other disposable cloth and then start applying the heat via iron or blow dryer. The heat will soften the wax and transfer it to the paper towel or other type of cloth. Make sure you don’t leave the iron on for too long as it could harm your towel or burn it completely. 

You’ll have to be patient and wait till the moment the paper towels collect the wax from the Terry towels. Replace the paper towels with fresh ones to make sure that you get all the wax from the towel. Once there is no more wax left to collect, you can move onto the 4th step.

4. Pretreat the Towel

Now that you have got all the wax removed from the towel, you should proceed to wash it. Before you put your towel in the wash, make sure you pretreat the towel to help loosed any bits of remaining wax. Just put the detergent on the affected area and let it sit there for 20 minutes.

5. Wash The Towel

That’s the last step, just throw your towel in the washing machine, though most towels will last longer if you just wash it with warm water. You can also use bleach, if your towel is white, or if your towel is colored then use a type of bleach that is suitable for colored towels. You may need to put the towels through several washes to make sure the wax stain is completely gone. Once the stain is gone, you can put the towel into the dryer. 

How to Remove Wax From Microfiber Towels?

While Terry towels are great in all ways, salons are switching to Microfiber towels in place of terry towels. Microfiber towels have extremely small fibers that collect dirt quickly. They also make them more absorbent, and extra tough. When you are wondering how to wash salon wax off your microfiber towels. Microfiber towels have some strict rules for washing and you have to follow them or your microfiber towels won’t work the way they should. Here are the rules that you can’t ignore. 

  • Avoid hot water
  • Avoiding fabric softener
  • Using a dedicated cleanser

However, when it comes to cleaning wax from your Microfiber towels, you may need a little more than a Microfiber cleanser.

For microfiber towels, you can follow the same steps as terry towels.

Freeze the wax and scrape it off with a plastic knife, once the biggest chunks are removed, apply heat and transfer the wax to another surface.

Once again, be careful with the amount of heat you use, you wouldn’t want to accidentally harm your towels.

Once you’ve transferred the wax onto the paper towels, you have to pretreat your Microfiber towels before washing the towels.

Just let the towel sit in a bucket full of detergent for 20 minutes. It’ll help loosen any dirt or wax trapped into the towel. When your microfiber towels have been washed, make sure you rinse them thoroughly so there is no excess water or detergent trapped between those fibers.

That’s all!! I hope you enjoyed this post.