The price of tomatoes has skyrocketed these days, and people look for substitutes of tomatoes to not spend a lot of bucks. Instead, they should grow them at home because this is not too difficult as it seems.

You would probably love growing your own food and try to grow with much care. The tomatoes from the stores are not fresh, and there can be pesticides and insecticides sprayed on them.

Growing plants can provide greenery around and keep your surroundings fresh. One can buy plants online, and this is an easy way by which one can get plants of one’s choice while sitting in the comfort of home.

Tomato is basically a fruit that is considered as a vegetable. People do not get bored of eating tomatoes because these look alluring with their blood-red color and their taste is so addictive.

Everyone consumes tomatoes almost every day, so these are a part of their daily diet, and these should be owing to the amount of nutrition in them.

How many varieties of tomatoes are available?

You would be amazed to know that there are nearly fifteen thousand varieties of tomatoes. People have been cultivating tomatoes for a long time, so they introduced many varieties.

Tomatoes can be divided into two categories; Determinate and indeterminate.

Determinate Tomato Plants

These kind of tomatoes grow in a fixed area and for a fixed amount of time. These are best suited for small areas and can easily be grown in pots.

Indeterminate Tomato Plants

There is no fixed lifetime of these tomato plants because these can be destroyed in any weather when they come to their end. They can be grown in a wider area than determinate tomato plants.

Two Main Varieties of Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

It is one of the old varieties of tomatoes, and this variety is preserved due to its unique tastes and colors. Some of them flourish in certain environmental conditions. Here are some examples of these kinds of tomatoes. Vintage wine is pink in color with yellow gold stripes on it, and it is from a brandy wine variety which type of tomatoes can be very juicy. Thorburn’s terracotta has honey color, and it can be costly for you. It was discovered in 1893. There are other heirloom tomatoes as well with distinct colors and shapes.

Hybrid Tomatoes

When two kinds of tomatoes are cross-pollinated, then a new species of tomato is grown, and these new kinds of tomatoes are called hybrid tomatoes. Many species have been developed using this technique of hybrination.

Kamado tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes, Plum tomatoes, and Grape tomatoes are some more varieties of tomatoes.

Tomato Propagation Method

You can follow below mentioned steps for propagation of any vegetable or fruit. You can do the plantation of tomatoes or any other vegetable or fruit with a little effort and can save yourself from the expenses of these taxed vegetables and fruits. Your fresh vegetables and fruits would have more flavor and fragrance.

Sowing the seeds of tomatoes

You should use the seeds of tomatoes of superior quality, and for this, you can buy the seeds online. People often do the shopping of clothes online, but they would be surprised to know that the seeds and plants are also sold by online nurseries.

People who have a passion for gardening can order plants online in order to save time. They can even purchase small plants of tomatoes for their ease.

However, you can also use seeds from a fresh tomato, which should be free from chemicals. If you are using a fresh tomato, then you should cut very thin slices of it and place it on top of your soil mixture.

This soil mixture should have double the quantity of cocopeat than garden soil and compost because this is the common soil mixture for germination of any kind of vegetable.

Moreover, for the germination of seeds, small pots should be used. If you have seeds, then you should also place them in a similar way. Then, you should cover them with a fine layer of soil and water them after doing this. These little pots with seeds should be placed in semi-shady areas.

Repotting of small tomato plants

When the seeds become the plants of four to five inches, then these should be transferred to big containers. The soil in these pots should have forty percent of compost of any kind. You should gently shift the plants without damaging the roots.

Care of the tomato plants

For better results and quality tomatoes, you should do the regular pruning of tomato plants. You should snip off the stems and leaves which are spoiled, so as to prevent the spread of any disease in the other parts of the plant.

Extra stems or leaves should also be removed so that the plant gives the energy to its important parts. You can use neem oil spray on your plants after every sixteen days to protect them from insects. Organic fertilizers should be given every month.

Pollination of tomatoes

The flowers can appear within forty to sixty days. The small yellow colored flowers of tomatoes should be hand-pollinated in the absence of insects and to get more quantity of fruit.

Harvesting of tomatoes

Tomatoes would start to appear after four to five months; therefore you can gently pick up the tomatoes or any other fruit, that you may have planted, once they seem ripe. That’s all.